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Beninger Surveying Ltd. operates at 211 Sherbrooke Street, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Equipment includes the latest digital instuments and software allowing for the production of many types of plans and charts compatible with Geographical Information System.

Our expertise will help land owners, the legal profession, the real estate and development industry local governments, utilities, financial institutions, etc. to accelerate the numerous stages of land recording and management. Our services are crucial, for example, to help make construction projects run smoothly, and the transferring and selling of property less complicated.

Our reputation is one of accurate responsible service in the community.


Land and Boundary Surveys
  • Surveyor's Real Property Reports Click here for a sample
  • Mortgage Surveys Click here for a sample
  • Property Boundaries
  • Subdivisions
  • Condominium plans
  • Utility Corridors
  • Land Severances
  • Description Reference Plans Click here for a sample
  • Building Layout Services Click here for a sample

  • Surveys Related to Provincial Statues such as;
  • The Registry Act
  • The Land Titles Act
  • The Boundaries Act
  • The Expropriation Act
  • The Certification of Titles Act
  • Construction Layout Services
  • Topographic Surveys and Site Plans Click here for a sample
  • Vertical & Horizontal Control Surveys
    Land Information Systems
    Computer Assisted Drafting Services
    Boundary Dispute Resolution


    Beninger Surveying Ltd. maintains the survey records for:

  • Pierce & Lyons O.L.S.
  • Pierce & Pierce O.L.S.
  • Gordon Jones O.L.S.
  • W. A. Beninger O.L.S.
  • and also shares records with Elliot and Parr Surveyors.


  • Industrial & Commercial Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Professionals - Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Property Developers
  • Private Land Owners
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